Meet the Team

Based in North Wales and supported by a national network of Healthy Back Programme Instructors,our team comprises health care professionals and therapists from a wide range of experience.

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    Dr Ned Hartfiel

    Ned is the managing director of Healthy Back Programme Ltd. For his PhD in Health Economics at Bangor University, Ned investigated the cost-effectiveness of a yoga-based programme for reducing back pain and sickness absence. Ned has published scientific papers on the effectiveness of yoga-based programmes in the workplace for reducing stress and back pain in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia.

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    Annie Jones

    Annie is the co-founder of the International School of Dru Yoga and author of 'Dru Yoga Stillness in Motion'. Annie has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and has pioneered health and yoga programmes into schools and businesses throughout Britain. Annie has appeared on numerous television and radio programmes and has authored a selection of DVD's and CDs on health and well-being.

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    Dr Peter Oliver

    Peter is an independent consultant occupational health physician and adviser to large public and private sector organisations. As a qualified Dru yoga and meditation teacher Peter will often advise patients in the workplace to use yoga and meditation techniques to improve physical and psychological symptoms. Peter is convinced that Dru yoga and yoga based exercise such as healthy back programme provided in the workplace can improve employee physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing.

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    Chris Barrington

    Chris is Senior Director of the International School of Dru Yoga, internationally renowned speaker and trainer, and has taken Dru Yoga and meditation to many parts of the world. Over the years he has trained hundreds of yoga and meditation teachers, and has pioneered many groundbreaking courses over the globe. Chris specialises is in the development and delivery of online courses.

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    Ruth Boaler

    Ruth is a Senior Physiotherapist within the NHS in Wolverhampton, helping countless people to regain the freedom to move and to understand how to care for their body. Ruth has pioneered Dru yoga classes for people with back pain for several years in the NHS and has helped design Dru Yoga programmes for research studies involving the NHS and businesses in North Wales.

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    John Jones

    John is a Senior Director of the International School of Dru Yoga and has led workshops in more than 40 countries, including the post-war zones of Chechnya, Bosnia, and Northern Ireland. A detraumatisation and stress management specialist, John has worked extensively as a health consultant in both the private and public sectors, including the Red Cross and United Nations.

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    Kate Carter

    Kate is a peadiatric nurse and Dru Yoga teacher trainer, both in North Wales, at the Dru Yoga Centre in Snowdonia and in Central London. Kate is also a Dru Dance teacher trainer and Dru Yoga Therapist.

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    Coby Langford

    Coby is a trained Osteopath and qualified Dru Yoga Instructor, Coby combines the two practices to provide a unique holistic approach to controlling back pain. Coby lectures across the UK and Europe, writing regular health articles and even appearing on GMTV’s couch with Lorraine Kelly. Coby also teaches Yoga teachers on how to help students with back pain.

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    Dr Jane Fitzgerald

    Jane has been working as a GP in the NHS for the last thirty years. Jane qualified as a Dru yoga and meditation teacher in 2008, and regularly runs classes in both Dru yoga and meditation, as well as running classes for doctors, helping them both to manage their own stress and improve their health, and to understand the value of encouraging their patients to try yoga.

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    May Ritchie

    May is one of our most experienced tutors, with great expertise in restorative yoga for pain relief. May's own story is next to miraculous, having used yoga, meditation, and visualisation to to bring her, ten years ago, from being wheelchair bound, to being one of our best yoga trainers. May has a great empathy with her students, and knows how to bring the best from them in the most inspiring way.