How does it work?

Below are the questions we are frequently asked by employers

How is the Healthy Back Programme delivered in the workplace?

The Programme can be delivered in several different formats, the most common being to provide employees with a guided eight week programme consisting of weekly sessions located at or near the workplace. Sessions are usually 60 minutes in length, held during or after working hours, and taught by a qualified Healthy Back Programme instructor. Programme participants are provided with access to a Healthy Back video which is used for home practice. Experience shows that practising the Healthy Back Programme regularly, even for just 10 minutes a day, can have a significant effect in reducing back pain and improving wellbeing.

Our staff work complicated shift patterns. What other options are there?

An alternative format is to provide periodic wellbeing days in the workplace. During a wellbeing day, a series of six to eight 30 minute Healthy Back sessions are offered. This makes it possible for a greater number of employees to experience the Healthy Back Programme. Using the Healthy Back videos, employees then practise the programme at home until another booster session is offered at the next wellbeing day.

Is the Healthy Back Programme effective?

Research from several clinical trials indicate that the Healthy Back Programme, based on Dru Yoga, is both safe and effective. Participants in this programme report reductions in pain and less exhaustion. They show improvements in wellbeing, health-related quality of life, rejuvenation, confidence and life satisfaction.

Does the Healthy Back Programme give a return on investment?

In a recent economic evaluation of an eight week Healthy Back Programme, participants reported far fewer sickness absence days related to back pain and musculoskeletal conditions than a control group. During a six month period, HBP participants missed only 2 days due to back pain and MSCs, while a randomly selected control group missed 43 days. This difference of 41 days suggests that the HBP can deliver a positive return on investment for the employer.

What are the risks involved in the Healthy Back Programme?

Based on Dru Yoga, the Healthy Back Programme is safe, effective and appropriate for most people in the workplace. The programme can be modified for individuals who are pregnant or who have had recent surgery. When practised slowly and with awareness, the HBP can generate many positive physical and mental health outcomes.

Is any special equipment required?

To deliver the Healthy Back Programme in the workplace, non-slip yoga mats and cushions are provided to ensure safety and comfort while practising the programme.