Reduce sickness absence related to back pain

The Healthy Back Programme improves employee health and reduces time lost due to musculoskeletal conditions.

The Healthy Back Programme is commonly delivered as an eight week programme consisting of weekly 60 minute sessions. It is often introduced as part of wellbeing day which enables employers and employees to experience the programme through a series of short 30-minute taster sessions..

Sessions can be held on-site in large conference or training rooms, or sessions can be conducted in nearby leisure centres. The instructor led sessions are supported by videos that the programme participants can use in a daily practice at home.

The Healthy Back Programme involves learning specific movements to prevent and ease back pain and to improve wellbeing. Easy to do and accessible to most everyone, this programme also includes breathing techniques and relaxation methods.

Wearing comfortable clothes, employees practice the Healthy Back Programme on a non-slip yoga mat. A cushion is provided to aid in the relaxation component of the programme.

All Healthy Back Programme sessions are facilitated by fully trained and qualified instructors who are members of a professional register.